Bait hives

Started early at Lowes to get a few sheets of plywood to build some bait hives. I’m using this cut list which only has 5% waste per sheet of 15/32 plywood.
It’ll give me 3 bait hives per sheet of plywood and I got 3 sheet, so I should have 9 new bait hives right now. However, my porter cable finish gun blew out an o-ring while I was assembling my first one. This nail gun is quite old and I’ll probably put a new ring and gasket kit in it someday but this gave me the perfect opportunity to buy a new tool. So another trip to Lowes for my new Bostitch brad gun, and heck, while I was there I went ahead and got a new air hose and some brass fittings and a fern for my wife. I’ve found that whenever I buy new tools that it is a good idea to visit the garden center and get her a plant. So by the time I got home and everything was hooked up, I was finishing the first box while slapping mosquitoes at the same time as the sun was setting.
I’m ready to knock out those other 8 boxes bright and early in the morning though.

This is a slight modification of the one built by Brink’s Bees in his YouTube video. I made my box deeper to utilize most of the wasted wood per sheet and increase my volume some. I believe the volume of my box is slightly over 55 liters.

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